christmas e rockers

Precision etched and laser cut kits for dollhouse miniatures inlcuding custom kitchens and baths, and modern and vintage furnishings. Our mission is to bring you DIY kits that are affordable yet realistic and detailed. Follow us on Facebook to preview the newest designs and provide feedback. Look for us at the next show or faire you visit or ask for us at your local dollhouse store. Many items are also available in our web shop.

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Special Request & Inquiries

If you have seen something at a show, or on our site that is sold out, just email us a request. If you have an idea or want something custom made, please send us a note.

Holiday Accents

birdhouse candle Holder sleigh1 arrow meow utensils hallowen rocking horse ornate shelf cow Mail black large threesome rooster kitchen step stools sea accents Etsy

One of a kind, handpainted items made from our kits available  in our Etsy shop.